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Social factors, variation of dependence and level of awareness to cegarette smokers in higher education institutions


Hazel Q. Lagahid

Related Institution

Community Extension - Universidad de Zamboanga


This study in the form of a descriptive research, aimed at determining the extent of effect or influence of the different risk factors on the student smoking habit, awareness on cigarette smoking and the level of dependence towards cigarette smoking.
Questionnaires were distributed at a convenience to respondents in addition to unstructured interviews and personal observations. Frequency counting and weighted arithmetic mean were used in assessing the influence of the different risk factors and the level of dependence of respondents on cigarettes smoking.
With a total of 697 respondents, majority of the respondents belong to ages 16-20 with 480 male and 26 female respondents. Likewise, majority of the students who smoked for less than a year were highly influenced by their exposure in school and were tolerant of the symptoms of smoking, yet, they were not found habitual and were physically addicted. Around 60% or 145 respondents were unsuccessful quitting smoking yet and were fairly aware of the harmful effect of smoking and the benefits of not smoking.
With majority of the respondents belonging to younger age bracket implies that smokers are getting younger each year. Quitting difficulty was indicative of being emotionally or psychologically dependent on cigarette smoking. Exposure in school, the environment and the media played a vital role in developing the habit among student smokers. In effect, transition from social to regular smoking was enhanced in addition to the positive perception of smoking.
The number of student smokers has increased over the years particularly among females.

Key words: Risk Factors, Cigarette Smoking


Determining the level of dependence, awareness on cigarette smoking among students as influenced by the risk factors.

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